Download Viewbox
Version (28 February 2021). Installs Viewbox 32 or 64-bit version, depending on your system. For Microsoft Windows 7 and up.
Fully functional demo with nag screen; see Ordering.

Please note:

This version installs in the 'Program Files' folder and places user files in a newly created 'My Documents/dHAL Viewbox 4' folder. This implies that installing this version will not overwrite your previous version. It is recommended that you keep both versions until you are certain that you have migrated all your files. Backup your system before deleting any previous folders or files!
However, if you have been using the BETA version, no actions are necessary, as the BETA version was already using the same installation folders as the new version.

Extra downloads:

User's Manual

User's Manual (file size: 39.3 Mb PDF)
User's Manual in PDF format, same as the Help file that installs with Viewbox.

CBCT samples

CBCT image (Analyze 7.5 format, file size: 16.4 Mb ZIP)
CBCT image from NewTom 9000 showing impacted maxillary canines. Download and unzip the file to get the .img and .hdr Analyze files. This CBCT image is included in the Viewbox setup.

Mesh samples

Extra Templates

Viewbox 3

Viewbox version
Version 3 will remain available but will not be further updated or supported. Please consider upgrading to version 4.



Version 1.4. 32-bit software. For Microsoft Windows 7 and up.


Version 32-bit software. For Microsoft Windows 7 and up.


Version 32-bit software. For Microsoft Windows 7 and up.
This is a one-file software. Just save anywhere in your hard disk (or on the Desktop) and double-click to run.