Loop - Freeware
Loop is a program for designing and evaluating orthodontic loops. You can draw the loop on the screen and then activate it. The program will calculate and display the forces and moments that are produced by the loop and applied to the brackets. Large activations are possible and various wire materials and sizes can be used.

Loop Research
Loop was described in the OrthoBytes column of the Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop in two papers: For extra information that accompanies the above papers please click here.

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Loop is freeware. No user support is provided, but do not hesitate to email for assistance. Any comments, bug reports or suggestions for improvements are welcome.
This software is not intended for clinical purposes or for planning treatment. It is purely educational. No responsibility will be assumed for the use or misuse of this program. Use at your own risk.

Screen Shots
[Screen shot]
Gjessing loop:
[Screen shot]

Revision History

Version (17/9/2004)

Improved user interface, added node selection tools, corrected some small bugs. Now, bending of wire can be done via the keyboard or using the mouse. Note: Help file has not been updated yet.


Corrected bug that did not allow proper rotation of brackets.


Corrected Copy-As-Picture bug. Corrected printing bug. Improved screen drawing. Wire is drawn and printed at correct width.


Has a new Pencil tool for drawing loops by clicking on the screen, instead of bending the wire with the Plier tool. Redrawing is much smoother without flicker, and snapping to grid has been enhanced. Also, it is now possible to load an image as a background. New installation setup.