MorphE - Patient Presentation Software
MorphE is an Orthodontic Case Presentation CD-ROM. It contains 144 high quality movies and images from original treated cases. Use these movies and images to show and explain various aspects of orthodontic treatment to your patients. Enhances patient understanding and cooperation.
Note: You can add your own images and movies. However, MorphE is not a program for creating morphing movies.
Please use the menu on the left for more details.

Screen Shot
[Screen shot] On the left side is the list of images and movies. You select one and it appears on the right side. Morph-E allows you to add your own images to the available list, or change the list to suit your needs.

Samples (greatly reduced in size and number of frames):
[Sample movie]
Premolar extraction treatment.
[Sample movie]
Non-extraction treatment.
[Sample movie]
Class II div. 1 treatment.
[Sample movie]
Correction of crossbite.

The Name
Morph-E is an attempt to convey the Greek word μορφή (pronounced: mor-phee) which means: form, shape.