dHAL Software news

February 2021

MARGO – MAxillofacial bone Regeneration by 3D-printed laser-activated Graphene Oxide scaffolds

dHAL Software is a partner in the MARGO FLAG-ERA project funded by the EU. The MARGO project aims at constructing implants for stem cells driving on laser-activated 3D-printed CAD-based scaffolds. For this purpose, MARGO will use a Graphene Oxide (GO)-based biomaterial. dHAL Software is involved in defect modelling by 3D CAD and Bone Atlas construction. Computed tomography images, representing normal anatomy and a variety of maxillofacial bone defects will be collected. The CT images will be segmented in order to construct a virtual model of the bone surface in the regions of interest (ROI). Each ROI will be landmarked using fixed landmarks and sliding semi-landmarks. Geometric morphometric models of normal variation and average microstructural pattern data will be constructed for each sex and age group to obtain the bone atlas of normal 3D morphology.
For more details and updates, please visit the MARGO website.