New Viewbox tutorials
We have new video tutorials for Viewbox users. Click here to view them.

Viewgum - New software uploaded
Viewgum is new software for evaluating the results of the two-colour chewing gum test. Click here to learn more.

dHAL Software Community Forum
A community forum for Viewbox and all other software released by dHAL Software has been created. This is your forum so please visit and exchange views with other users to get the most out of your software.

Viewbox 4
Viewbox 4 has been officially released. The new version has been uploaded on the web site and can be evaluated. It replaces version 3, which will not be developed any further.
Download from the Viewbox download page.

Viewbox 4 Screen Shots
View screen shots of Viewbox 4 in the Screen Shots page.

Viewbox and Win7
Viewbox is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 7.

Viewbox 3 in Spanish
Viewbox 3 has been translated into Spanish by our representative in Mexico. To add the Spanish language, please download the Viewbox Language Pack (includes Greek and Spanish).

Viewbox and Vista
Microsoft Windows Vista has implemented many new features, which may render some software incompatible. Viewbox 3 has been upgraded to run on Vista (download the latest version) but users should be aware of a change in the default installation folder. Up till now, default installation of Viewbox was performed at the 'Program Files' location of the hard disk (usually C:\Program Files\Viewbox 3). This location has been changed in Vista and it is now a secure location, meaning that software cannot write and edit files that reside there. Therefore, although Viewbox can be installed at the Program Files location, it cannot change the files inside its folder. One of these files is the 'Viewbox.ini' file which holds Viewbox's settings. Other files may be the data files holding the radiographs and the radiograph types. There are many ways to overcome this problem. One is to run Viewbox as an administrator, which gives free access to any file on the hard disk. This can be accomplished by right-clicking the Viewbox icon and selecting 'Run as administrator'. A second option is to install at 'Program Files' but put the files that need updating at another location. Another option is to install the whole of Viewbox outside the 'Program Files' area. This last option was chosen and Viewbox installation now proposes the 'C:\Viewbox 3' folder. Of course, you are free to change this default setting, but be aware that some folders may be protected under Vista.

dHAL is a member of the European Virtual Anthropology Network (EVAN). EVAN focuses on the integration of new morphological analysis methods from biomathematics, computer science and bioengineering in the context of interdisciplinary studies of anatomical variability in humans, their ancestors, and their close relatives for the purpose of applications in the academic, clinical, industrial, and private and public research sectors. Please visit the EVAN website for more information.
dHAL organized the EVAN Kick-off meeting in Athens, March 27-28, 2006.

Evaluation of Viewbox features
The Auto Edge-Lock feature was evaluated in the paper "Validity and Reliability of a New Edge-based Computerized Method for Identification of Cephalometric Landmarks" by Serge Kazandjian, Stavros Kiliaridis and Anestis Mavropoulos (Angle Orthod 2006;76:619624).
The researchers draw the following conclusions:
- Computer-assisted cephalometric landmark identification led to some improvement of intraoperator reliability compared with manual digitization.
- The edge-based logarithm seems to be a promising tool to facilitate and increase the reliability of onscreen cephalometric analysis for both clinical and research purposes.
- There are difficulties in locating the appropriate edge when artifacts or soft tissue edges are located near the targeted landmark.
- The existence of small but systematic differences between the two digitization methods manifests the need for further improvement of the edge-based algorithm.
Click here to read more about Viewbox advanced features.

New scanners for radiographs
Epson has released two new scanners, the Epson Perfection V700 PHOTO and Epson Perfection V750 PHOTO. These have a transparency adapter (8" x 10") and feature a DMAX (optical density) of 4.0. Their price is much lower than the Epson 1680 Pro and they seem an excellent choice for cephalometric radiographs. However, they have a smaller scan area than the Epson 1600 and 1680.