PowerPoint 2002
Click here to download a sample of transparency, bitmap rotation and complex animations using the new features of PowerPoint 2002 (will not work correctly with earlier versions).
This sample file is described in the paper:

Older papers describing animation techniques that are still useful:
(Note: some of the animations in these files may not run correctly with PowerPoint 2002 and need 'tweaking'. The 'ShowShapes' macros work OK.)
Here you can find information and files to download, which complement the papers:
Sample PowerPoint file for Part I.
Also, visit this page at Microsoft. It contains more examples based on these techniques.
Sample PowerPoint file for Part II.
ShowShapes.ppt: A utility PowerPoint file that contains a macro to rename slides and graphics on slides. You can also read the position of shapes on the slide in X and Y coordinates. Very useful when writing macros for animating shapes.
To use, open a PowerPoint presentation and also open ShowShapes.ppt. Then, run the macro ShowSlideObjects by using the menu command: Tools-Macro-Macros... .Make sure the "Macro In" list box shows "ShowSlide", select the ShowSlideObjects macro and click RUN. A dialog box will open. Return to your presentation. Click on a slide. The objects that are present on the slide will appear in the list box. Note: Only graphic objects are shown.
The following commands are available:
Select: Select an object in the list box and click the Select button. The object is selected on the slide. Also, the object's coordinates and rotation value are shown. Double-clicking on the list has the same effect.
Rename: Click to rename the object. PowerPoint uses names such as Rectangle 3, or Group 4, by default. Rename your objects to something more meaningful, such as Tooth, or Bracket, so that code for animation can be easier to follow and debug.
Rename Slide: Click to rename the slide. PowerPoint uses names such as Slide 45. You can rename the slide to, e.g. Tooth Animation, and this, again, makes code easier to follow.

ShowShapes_V1.ppt: An enhanced version of the ShowShapes utility, written by Gus Garcia. It allows moving and rotating objects and changing their size. Many thanks for improving the macro and adding useful functionality!