Warping & Morphing
Here you can find information and files, which complement the papers:

Escher morphing:
The Escher morph that is displayed on the left was constructed from two morphing sequences. Morpher for Windows was used (see links below). Click here and here to download the Morpher files (each 242 Kb). I used Painshop Pro Animation Shop to stitch them together into one gif animation.
A better solution would be to use the images with Morph 2.5 by Sierra Home, which can construct one movie from two or more morphing sequences.
Click below to download the images. Each image is 200x200 pixels and 5 Kb size in JPEG format (Note: Morpher for Windows cannot work with JPEG files, you will have to convert them to BMP. Morph 2.5 can use both BMP and JPEG).
First image
Intermediate image
Final image

Rapid maxillary expansion:
Click here to download the Morpher file (424 Kb) for this movie. After downloading, you can use Morpher for Windows to create the movie on your computer.
The intial and final images are 358x198 pixels and 10 Kb size in JPEG format.
First image
Final image

Some interesting links
The classic paper by Beier and Neely: "Feature-based image metamorphosis".
Paper on 3D morphing by Apostolos Lerios.
Software for making your own morphs:
Morpheus Software. Very good, recommended.
MorphMan from Stoik Software. Very good, recommended.
Morpher for Windows by Masakazu Fujimiya.
Morph 2.5 at Sierra Home. (Unfortunately, Sierra Home does not carry Morph 2.5 any more)
Orthodontic presentations:
Orthomorph Inc. by Dr Brunelle.