Revision History
Viewbox is continually under development and updates are released often. Below are the release dates of previous updates (since 2003) and notes on the enhancements or bug fixes that were incorporated.

Version (released 13 March 2013)

Added line thickness and line color to PCA Viewer Plots.
Improved TPS grid drawing and now TPS grids are also exported to 3D PDF.
Updated ambient occlusion.
Updated 3D PDF export to export texture of meshes as well.
Corrected volume renderings and mesh creation for anisotropic voxels.
Added point relocation feature.
Updated Digitise window.

Version (released 13 September 2012)

Added 3D PDF export. All 3D graphics can be exported to a 3D PDF file except for volumes, TPS grids and some other minor objects. This feature will be expanded in future versions.
Added option to animate Ortho Slices in movies.
Added option to specify size of datasets that are created in PCA Viewer. 'Create Datasets' now creates the average dataset as well.
Added option to specify decimal point when exporting data, in case data needs to be imported into software that do not recognize decimal digits other than dot.
Numerous bug fixes and small improvements.

Version (released 21 July 2012)

Added 'CurveIntersection' for Derived points.
Added line to show the direction of pure size change in Form Space.
Changed localization system. Languages can be added and supported by users easily, just be editing a text file.
Name of VBR folder was changed to 'Templates' folder.
Added capability to distribute points on selected parts of mesh surfaces in a random fashion.
Added capability to slide points on mesh surfaces until they are uniformly distributed on the mesh.
Added debug log feature, to log program progress and facilitate debugging.
Added support for hardware multisample antialiasing.
Added mesh merging feature.
Numerous bug fixes and small improvements.

Version (released 1 July 2011)

Official release of version 4.

Version (released 24 April 2009)

Added support for hardware accelerated (GPU) volume rendering. Requires graphics card with shader support and OpenGL 2 and above. Nvidia 8 and 9 series cards recommended.

Version (released 14 February 2009)

Updated DICOM support. Added option to copy sections of Extended Analysis individually.

Version (released 13 May 2007)

Updated to work under Windows Vista.

Version (released 3 April 2006)

Corrected bug that caused swapping of red and blue colours of some jpeg files.

Version (released 4 March 2006)

Improved DICOM support. Corrected minor bug when loading radiograph types.

Version (released 21 January 2006)

Updated PCA calculations to avoid NAN error. Changed response when closing under COM control.

Version (released 16 June 2005)

Added new Derived Point type 'Interpolation' for definition of derived points that lie at a specified distance between two points (expressed as a %).

Version (released 26 April 2005)

Updated 'Send to PowerPoint' for smoother output of lines. Corrected bug that caused problems when pasting enhanced metafiles to PowerPoint.
Updated export of Procrustes calculations to output in either true life size or radiograph size. Corrected bug that exported the square of the centroid size instead of the centroid size itself.

Version (released 16 January 2005)

Minor updates and corrections.
Updated export to Excel and DICOM support.
Changed VBR file and now occlusal plane is drawn using the bisector of the upper and lower occlusal planes.

Version (released 8 September 2004)

Minor updates and corrections.

Version (released 21 June 2004)

Added Difference blending mode for better image superimpositioning.

Version (released 12 June 2004)

Corrected bug in Convert Radiograph Type procedure.
Added capability to make an image transparent only where it is black, to facilitate superimpositioning of images.

Version (released 25 May 2004)

Added capability to Sort-by-Shape according to the measurements of an Analysis. The computed similarity metric is the sum of the squared differences between corresponding measurements.
Enhanced the PCA Viewer.
Corrected bug in the Open Radiograph dialog box that did not show the image file names of the radiographs.

Version (released 11 February 2004)

Updated 'Send to PowerPoint' for better results.
Corrected bug in importing of TIFF files.
Added VIFF file support (uncompressed).
Minor improvements and bug fixes.

Version (released 30 December 2003)

Supports Procrustes superimposition and Principal Component Analysis. Calculates Principal Components and includes a PCA viewer to display the effect of the Principal Components on shape.
Supports transparency of images and interactive rotation of images. These functions allow structural superimposition.
Added resampling capability for reducing the resolution of images.
Added function to export the tracings and images to an image file.
Updated Align Tracing function. After aligning tracing and image, it is now possible to automatically adjust the soft tissue points, if they do not correspond to the image exactly.
Measurements are dynamically updated during VTO movements.
Enhanced Select tool to enable translation and rotation without switching to other tools.
Moving the Select tool over the measurements will show a hint drawing, demonstrating which angle or distance is represented by the measurement.
It is now possible to hide all points during digitization, so that user is not biased when performing multiple digitizations.
Added Convert Type function to convert radiographs from one Type to another.
Prepared internationalization and added Greek language files.
Corrected a number of bugs. Numerous small improvements.

Version (released 25 March 2003)

Updated Brightness/Contrast/Gamma adjustment for faster and better results.
Added capability for multi-pass scanning for reduction of image noise. Radiographs can be scanned up to 5 times and the average of the scans is used, thus reducing noise from the scanner's CCD.

Version (released March 2003)

Added Extended Analysis that can show and print the tracings and measurements of up to four radiographs in various ways for easy comparison. Can be customized extensively.
Upgraded printing options for Text and Tracing analyses.
Export function can now export point coordinates as well. Also, data can be sent directly to Excel, instead of an intermediate text file.
Added Hint Graphic when digitizing radiographs. The user-definable graphic can appear in order to provide visual feedback for better localization of points.
Added Dynamic Edge Lock orientation. Now the orientation of the edge-lock cursor can change according to the position of the digitizing mouse. Very useful for locating such points as the tangent to the mandibular border.
Added capability to export measurements and tracing directly to Excel, Word and PowerPoint, instead of going through the Copy/Paste method.
Added capability to scan at 12-bit and 16-bit colour depth.
Added capability to read 12-bit TIFF files. These are converted to 8-bit for display.
Added capability to read certain types of DICOM files (explicit, little-endian, native format, monochrome files). Gives user the option to import the name, date of birth and other patient information from the DICOM file, if it exists. More DICOM file formats will be added in the future.
Added option to colourise the radiograph image, by applying Look-up Table files (LUT).
Added Levels function that allows adjustment of the image based on the image histogram. Gamma adjustment is also available.
Now Viewbox can act as a COM server for integration with other software (e.g. Practice management software).
Changed menu to look like the Windows XP menus.
Numerous small changes in the menus, toolbars and dialogs.
Numerous internal changes for better performance. Corrected a number of bugs including:
  Viewbox would not close if the INI file was read-only or user did not have write access.
  Duplicate function sometimes did not work correctly.
  Export function did not always write Headers correctly.