Pricing & Ordering
Viewbox is priced at Euro € 1100.00 plus VAT (where applicable).
Pricing includes free upgrades for one year, and the next major upgrade, even if this is released later. There is no yearly maintenance fee.
Viewbox is provided on a per user license. This means that one license allows you to install and use Viewbox on all the computers that are your property: in your home, office or your laptop. Viewbox is protected by a code/key combination. When you instal and run Viewbox, a code number is created that is specific to each computer. You will need to send us the code number and we will issue the corresponding key number which will allow you to use Viewbox without the disturbing Registration message.
Key numbers are issued to registered users only (i.e. those who have acquired a user's license).
Shipping to European Union addresses requires the addition of Value Added Tax (VAT) on the above price. This is currently 24% for Greece. If you provide us with a valid VAT number (registered in the VIES system), we will not add the VAT amount, but you will be required to pay the corresponding amount at your country later.

Is this price low or high compared to the competition?
We firmly believe that Viewbox is at least as good, and probably better, than most of the top cephalometric software on the market, some of which cost 3 or 4 times as much. Our low price does not reflect low quality or lack of features. We make every effort to maintain low prices by reducing our costs to the minimum, provided there is no compromise in quality or user satisfaction. We can do this because we do not have the overhead of a large company, we do not sell fancy packaging, we ship via regular mail and we do not provide a printed manual (all the information is in the Help file on the CD). However, there also exist software of much lower price, but these are usually limited in capabilities. Before purchasing, please compare prices and features and select the software that best suites your needs.

Order Form
Please print the Order Form, complete the details and fax it to: +30-210-6233211 or send via email.
Currently we can only accept payments via bank transfer. Please contact us for details.

What you get
We will send you a link for downloading the software. If you wish, we can also mail you a CD or USB stick. After installation on your computers we will send you key numbers (one number for each computer) via email. If you buy new computers, or upgrade your present ones, you may need new key numbers, which we shall issue at no extra charge. Email support is free. Upgrades are free for one year and for the next major release.

User support is by email or fax (see our Contact page). We do not make on-site visits nor do we install the software.
Before buying, it is strongly recommended that you install and use the demo version. This is identical to the full-version, so, if it is to your satisfaction, you are assured that there will be no problems later.

Viewbox includes an extensive Help file. There is no printed manual, but if you have problems you can get extra help via email.

Viewbox 4 is currently in English only. Translators for other languages are welcome. Please contact us to discuss business issues.