Viewbox 4 - Cephalometric Software
Viewbox is advanced software for cephalometric analysis. Developed over the period of many years, Viewbox has evolved into one of the leaders in the field and is now in use in Orthodontic Departments around the world. Designed for professional use, Viewbox can be customized to almost any task. Points, measurements and analyses are not 'hard-wired', enabling you to go beyond the confines of cephalometric radiographs and perform measurements on any kind of radiograph, photograph or other two-dimensional image. Furthermore, sophisticated algorithms are included for image enhancement, facilitation of point identification and morphometric analysis.
Viewbox 4 includes a 3D module, which allows rendering, viewing and measuring of 3D data from CT scanners.
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Viewbox on the cover of AJO/DO
Viewbox images have appeared on the cover of the American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics on two occasions. The May 2005 issue shows a 3D volume rendering, to complement the paper on 3D cephalometric analysis in the Technobytes section.

The cover of the August 2005 issue contains 3 Viewbox images. The background is a colourised image of a cephalometric radiograph and two other images are 3D renderings.

Viewbox 4 Tutorial Movies
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Viewbox in the Literature
Viewbox has been used in numerous research projects and appears in more than 30 publications.

Click here for a partial list of publications that have used Viewbox for their cephalometric or morphometric analysis.

The Auto Edge-Lock feature was evaluated in the paper "Validity and Reliability of a New Edge-based Computerized Method for Identification of Cephalometric Landmarks" by Serge Kazandjian, Stavros Kiliaridis and Anestis Mavropoulos (Angle Orthod 2006;76:619624).
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