Viewgum - Freeware
Viewgum is a software for evaluating masticatory efficiency by the two-colour chewing gum test. The software was developed by Demetrios Halazonetis in collaboration with Martin Schimmel and Panos Christou.

Screen Shot
Scanned images of chewed gum have been segmented:
[Screen shot]

[new] Version (18/2/2017). File size: 1.35 MB.
Click here to download.
This version includes reference data for the Hue-Check Gum®.
After downloading, run the file to install Viewgum on your computer. This is a 32-bit software and requires Microsoft Windows.

Important Notes
Viewgum is freeware. No user support is provided, but do not hesitate to email for assistance. Any comments, bug reports or suggestions for improvements are welcome.
This software is for testing purposes only and should not be used for patient evaluation or diagnosis. This version may still contain significant bugs. Use at your own risk.

Hue-check Gum®
Hue-Check Gum® is a two-colour gum specially developed for evaluating masticatory efficiency. For more information please visit the Orophys website. dHAL Software does not have any financial interest or affiliation with Orophys GmbH or its products.

Revision History
Corrected bug loading PNG files with alpha channel.
Hue calculation changed to reflect the traditional mapping (see HSL and HSV Wikipedia article).
Added function to save RGB data to text file.
Added function to save the image as a PNG file, where all background pixels are set to transparent.

Viewgum is described in this paper: Information about the two-colour chewing gum test and additional publications: