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[morphe screenshot]

The Name

MorphE is an attempt to convey the Greek word μορφή (pronounced: mor-FEE) which means: form, shape.

MorphE is not a program for creating morphing movies.
Original images are 800 pixels in width. Movies are 600 pixels in width.

Sample movies:

(greatly reduced in size and number of frames)
[morphe sample movie]

Premolar extraction treatment

[morphe sample movie]

Non-extraction treatment

[morphe sample movie]

Class II div. 1 treatment

[morphe sample movie]

Correction of crossbite

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List of Images - Thumbnails

Here is the list of movies and images available with MorphE, grouped by category.
A next to an entry signifies a movie and a signifies a static image. The first frame of the movies is shown. Most of the original images are 800 pixels in width and are shown here reduced to a size of 60 pixels. Movies are 600 pixels in width.


Lower occlusal
Upper occlusal
Air-Rotor Stripping

Premolar extraction:

Upper occlusal severe crowding
Upper occlusal slight crowding
Frontal severe crowding
Upper 5s, lower 4s, lateral
Upper 5s, lower 4s, frontal
Upper 4s only

Other extractions:

Lower incisor extraction
Closing lower first molar spaces

Class II div. 1:

Lateral view
Lateral view 2
Class II/1 ceph low angle
Class II/1 ceph

Class II div. 2:

Lateral view deep overbite
Lateral view
Frontal view

Class III:

Class III ceph
Class III (lateral)
Class III (frontal)


Anterior crossbite
Anterior crossbite
Lateral incisor crossbite
Anterior crossbite (central incisor)
Canine crossbite

Open bite:

Lateral open bite (ankylosis)
Tongue thrust
Thumb sucking


Upper Canines (Panoramic)
Upper Canines
Canines becoming impacted
Lower Premolar (Panoramic)
Lower Molar (Panoramic)
Upper Premolar (Panoramic)
Uprighting lower second molar
Uprighting lower second molar
Impacted lower canine (surgery)
Impacted lower canine (Panoramic)
Third molar horizontal impaction

Congenitally missing:

Upper laterals (close space)
Lower premolar (close space)
Lower premolar (panoramic)
Upper lateral (panoramic)
Multiple missing teeth (panoramic)
Retainer with laterals
Retainer with laterals (intraoral)
Lateral incisors replaced during treatment


Supernumerary premolars
Mesiodens (panoramic)
Premolars and molars

Midline diastema:



Diastema (perio)
Anterior crowding
Lower spacing


Ankylosis (panoramic)
Ankylosed upper lateral
Large incisor marginal ridges
Cleidocranial dysplasia (panoramic)


Ceph post surgery
Le Fort I osteotomy
Le Fort I cut
Le Fort I downfracture
Sagittal osteotomy
Class III correction (right intraoral)
Maxillary impaction simulation
Maxillary advancement simulation
Sagittal split simulation
Mandibular advancement simulation


Elastic seperators
Wilson transpalatal
Burstone transpalatal
Burstone transpalatal 2
Burstone lingual arch
Retainer lower 3-3
Retainer lower 3-3 All
Retainer upper 2-2
Essix retainer
Essix retainer in mouth
Metal brackets
Aesthetic brackets
In-ovation brackets
Coloured elastics
Maryland bridge
Upper removable expansion
Upper removable molar distalization
Upper removable springs laterals
Lip-bumper 2
Upper and lower lip-bumpers
High pull headgear
Cervical headgear
Class II elastics
Temporary Anchorage Device - Inserting
Temporary Anchorage Device - Inserted
Temporary Anchorage Device - With coil


Initial levelling
Incisor intrusion
Molar distalization NiTi wire
Molar distalization with coil
Premolar sectional retraction
Retraction T-loops
Mandibular expansion with lip bumper

Oral hygiene:

Poor oral hygiene
Poor oral hygiene 2
Gingival inflammation


Decalcification 2
Gingival recession 1
Gingival recession 2
Resorption central incisors
Severe generalized resorption

Rapid palatal expansion:

RPE initial
RPE expanded
RPE 2 During retention (frontal)
Suture closure after expansion
RPE on mixed dentition
RPE on mixed dentition
RPE on mixed dentition expanded


Computerized ceph analysis
Computerized ceph and photo
Computerized prediction
Hand tracing
Casts (frontal)
Casts (lateral)
Casts (maxillary)
Casts (mandibular)

Normal Radiographic:

Deciduous dentition
Mixed dentition (early)
Mixed dentition (late 1)
Mixed dentition (late 2)
Mixed dentition (late 3)
Permanent 1
Permanent 2
Movies and images are copyright © by Demetrios Halazonetis and Kostas Papapanagiotou.