2D Orthodontic Simulator

Simulate tooth movement based on forces and moments from an ideal arch.

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What it does

'Tooth' is a program for computing the forces and moments generated by an ideal arch, based on the work of Burstone (see references below). You can add teeth and connect them with pieces of straight wire segments, then calculate and view the forces and moments that are applied. Clicking 'Run' will move the teeth according to the force systems.
This is work in progress. Some functions are not yet implemented and there is no help file. Please let us know if you like this and want us to continue developing it.
This software is for educational purposes only. No responsibility will be assumed for the use or misuse of this software.

How to use

- From the Edit menu, add at least two teeth (only some teeth are available at the moment).
- Drag each tooth to reposition it.
- Add a Wire from the Edit menu. Click on the wire to select it, then drag each of its ends to the brackets.
- Right-click on a tooth or wire to edit its properties.
- Set various Options from the Edit-Options menu.
- Click 'Run' to simulate tooth movement.

Latest version

Latest version is 1.2.1, released June 17, 2024.
- Fixes small bugs related to drawing of the forces on the brackets.
- Corrects most memory leaks.
- Nicer cursors.

'Tooth' is based on the work of Burstone and co-workers

More information can be found here:

Force systems from an ideal arch. Burstone CJ, Koenig HA. Am J Orthod Dentofacial Orthop. 1974;65:270-289. doi: 10.1016/s0002-9416(74)90332-7. PMID: 4521361
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